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Search the site: Search. Get your key now and redeem on Steam! These Steam keys will give you access to the beta test from April 8 until April 13, Get your key now! Six Temples is a multiplayer fantasy-action PC game based on territory control. Get your key now while they last!

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The pack will give your several amazing prizes! These keys will give players in game freebies such as Flame 30 DaysFungus Pet and more! Get your code now while supplies last! Players can then receive a code granting a free item pack for the selected game. Get your free key now! Get your key now and reap your free gifts! Get your key now while supplies last! Search the site: Search facebook twitter youtube twitch youtube gaming discord mixer Dark or Light Theme toggle.

Latest Articles. Hunter's Arena: Legends. Epic Chess Beta Key Giveaway. Population Zero Beta Key Giveaway! Population Zero. Shadow Arena Beta Key Giveaway! Shadow Arena. Six Temples Beta Key Giveaway! Spellbreak Beta Key Giveaway! RF Online.

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Trove Level 10 Coin Giveaway. Runes of Magic Gift Key Giveaway! Runes of Magic. Webzen Winter Holiday Giveaway! Rift 5th Anniversary Racing Snail Giveaway!At first glance, I was impressed by how the bra looked and the options for colors.

The colors are all appealing. Most of them are feminine, but not in a pastel vomit kind of way. I went with Neptune blue, which also reverses into black.

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There are two options for the cut of it, low cut and high cut. Low cut is for smaller boobs or low impact sports. The high cut style is for bigger cup sizes or more high impact sports where everything needs to stay in place.

I picked the low cut because I liked how it looked, and I rarely do high intensity activities. I prefer slow paced outdoor activities. Another huge selling point for this bra is that it doubles as a bikini top. The strappy back and flattering cut make it perfect for going sans shirt. I wore it backpacking and hot spring soaking in Oregon. It came along on a trip to Mexico where I went swimming in cenotes and laid on the beach.

The bra fits nicely and is flattering. In terms of wearing it while doing sports, it works great. Another concern I had was that all the criss cross straps on the back would get tangled or need adjusted frequently. I pull the bra on and all the straps stay right where they belong. No adjusting or asking my roommates to untangle me necessary.

The color is still as vibrant as when I first got it, and the material has held up strong. This bra has proven itself to be durable. It fits well for my usual 36 C size. However, if my boobs were a little bigger or if I was into high intensity sports like running, I would probably do a high cut style.

I would likely order one size up if I only wanted to wear it as a cozy bra or bikini top. The price tag is a little high for a bra. So maybe I will need more than one.

To enter, head over to my Instagram. Then tag a buddy in the comments. And as you can see they are super cute and double as bikini tops. Search Menu. Gear Gear Reviews. I typically wear a 36 C bra. Final Thoughts. View this post on Instagram.

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tera giveaway

Gear Reviews. Backpacking Food Gear Reviews.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Global Achievements.

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Matti View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Matti ; 7 May, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 17 comments. Enmasse gives out freebies and events regularly Just the majority of these are to active players instead of being open codes.

Originally posted by vagrant0 :. Originally posted by MegaGame :. So if I opened the bundle today on one level 9 character, but then found out my friends actually play on another server and I have to creat new character there, I can't get the mount anymore? Originally posted by GKHiryu :. Last edited by Matti ; 13 May, am. Enter the code "Keyori" and you will get a bunch of stuff. This are the active Tera codes well searching for others too bad I'm late for it : anyways enjoy 1.

Angry Chicken- forgot what's this gives 6. Secks View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Charles Alejandro :. Last edited by Secks ; 1 Jun, am. Pyke View Profile View Posts. Thanks for the info on the BeepBop package. I must have gotten lucky and logged in before expiration without knowing it. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 7 May, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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tera giveaway

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Admin Administrator Rare Posts: 5, COM Staff - The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive. Scot Member Legendary Posts: 12, October Only for 30 days? I guess they are to much of a cash shop spinner for any longer. You're posting some good content. Moxom Member Rare Posts: Got "This code has reached its redemption limit" when i tried to use.

Thanks, but no thanks. Rhygarth Member Uncommon Posts: OMG a 30 day mount and a head accessory that looks totally awesome!! TaishiFox Member Rare Posts: October edited October Wait, Tera didn't have an American server? Just realized I've always been on enmasse version of Tera which is US and it's not been in beta for ages!

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Post edited by TaishiFox on October SrSalvatore Member Common Posts: 1. SpeedyRogue Member Common Posts: 1. CryoCode Member Uncommon Posts: 5. Code does not work. OpaZocker Member Common Posts: 2. KokoroShinju Member Common Posts: 1. November Please reattempt the code, or confirm that the code is still eligible to redeem.Nazi 2 Copies 4P 14 hours remaining. Breaking Good 50 Copies 3P 3 days remaining.

Castle Break 50 Copies 5P 1 day remaining. Dead Dungeon 50 Copies 5P 2 days remaining. Dungeon Escape 50 Copies 4P 1 day remaining. Sorcerer King: Rivals 20P 19 minutes remaining. WWE 2K20 50P 25 minutes remaining.

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Republique 10P 32 minutes remaining. Aegis Defenders 20P 35 minutes remaining. Arma 2: Private Military Co The Dwarves 40P 1 hour remaining. Iesabel 2 Copies 5P 1 hour remaining.

Yesterday Origins 15P 1 hour remaining. Make it indie! Base Squad 49 0P 1 hour remaining. Snake Pass 20P 1 hour remaining. Soft Body 10P 1 hour remaining. Party Hard 10P 1 hour remaining. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 15P 1 hour remaining. Pikuniku 13P 1 hour remaining. Psychonauts 10P 1 hour remaining. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville 15P 1 hour remaining.

Speed Brawl 20P 2 hours remaining. Super Hexagon 3P 2 hours remaining. Tropico 4 15P 2 hours remaining. Staxel 20P 2 hours remaining. Chicken Shoot Gold 7P 2 hours remaining.

The Darkness II 30P 2 hours remaining. Sid Meier's Pirates! Spec Ops: The Line 30P 2 hours remaining. Enemy Front Multiplayer Map Magicka 10P 2 hours remaining. Hacknet 10P 2 hours remaining. Witch The Bloodlines 15P 2 hours remaining. Smoke and Sacrifice 20P 2 hours remaining. Wooden Sen'SeY 10P 2 hours remaining.BuddyUp Codes January Uchica Crashme Caxxivostri Tispacco Reaper.

Tispacco La. Mietitrice La. Mietitricee I want you to play TERA! Server: Velika Code: Tukaluna. Marceau Code: Nerine.

tera giveaway

Rin Code: Yin. Kirsi Code: Jubie. Chan Code: Tetsuo. Takahashi Code: Leigh. Licht Code: Hiokk Code: Chaika. T Code: Exiled. Chanceller Code: Wodahs. Etal Code: Fran. Kenstien Code: Wodahs. Ronim Code: Dun. Witch Code: Shura. Kirigakura Code: Goldof. Auora Code: Wodahs. Trohs Wodahs. Noom Server: Kaiator Code: Wodahs. Krad Code: Henrietta. Howitzer Code: Wodahs. Gib Code: Lilith. Aza Code: Wodahs.

tera giveaway

Detsiwt Code: Wodahs. Noom Code: Zarik. Kajiwara Code: Borgoff. Marcus Code: Wodahs. Ym Code: Patti. Thompson Code: Wodahs. Shtaed My character: Phantom.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Global Achievements. All tested and working. Last edited by NightFall ; 3 Jun, pm. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Mino View Profile View Posts.

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Tera 7th Anniversary Key Giveaway

View Profile View Posts. Sorry i should have explained how to enter the code but it was late and i was tired. Last edited by NightFall ; 4 Jun, am. Forsa View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Duck :. Last edited by KarmaTheAlligator ; 26 Jun, am. Those code are not for NA as i am from UK and have used them myself some of those codes have now expired but im sure some will work go to the enmasse store page in google sign in and click account settings then enter code.

Last edited by NightFall ; 26 Jun, am. Originally posted by IntXNightFall :. Dude i am from the UK why in the world would i chose to play on NA as far as i know i am playing on EU however if i am playing on NA i was not aware of that but i very much doubt it. Schakarus View Profile View Posts. Well yes i did download it of steam i was not aware of it being NA so thankyou for that also sorry for the false information. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 3 Jun, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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